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July 2015 - Bob Campbell reviews the Gabriel Glass


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I guess it's a case of "well if you think you can do better – go for it". Swiss wine writer, René Gabriel, has designed a wine glass that, in my view, is brilliant.

René explains, "The secret is the "Bouquet drive" at the bottom of the glass that enhances the development of the aroma. The slightly conical glass design concentrates the bouquet regardless of white, red or sweet wines. All of them provide a maximum of enjoyment. The glass remains resistant in spite of its fineness."

I can't comment on durability as I've only been using it for a couple of weeks, but I can endorse the way that the Gabriel Glass amplifies the wine's bouquet and is brilliantly fine and light. It's wafer thin and an absolute delight to use.

The glass is available from Schubert's Wines in Martinborough. I urge you to test drive one as soon as possible.