Schubert Wines  -  Martinborough Wine Expo in Melbourne

Date:  6th August 2016 from 12pm Prince Wine Store


Prince Wine Store
PWS Bank Street

Wairarapa, which includes the Martinborough region, is at the southern end of the North Island about one hour's drive from the nation's capital, Wellington. In 2004, Wairarapa had less than 4 per cent of the country's vines but 11 per cent of its winemakers. They are typically small-scale, lifestyle producers with a quality-at-all-costs attitude to wine-making and a passionate faith in their region's potential. Wairarapa winemakers argue over whether the region is more suitable for Pinot Noir (Ata Rangi, Dry River, Martinborough Vineyards) or Cabernet Sauvignon (Benfield & Delamere), but there is ample evidence that both varieties perform well. In their quest to make great wine, most producers crop their vines so that yields are considerably below the national average, a significant factor in the region's success. In terms of topography, climate, and soils Wairarapa might easily be considered a miniature Marlborough, were it not for the region's ability to make top-quality reds on a regular basis.  JANCIS ROBINSON, Oxford Wine Companion

This tasting will feature wines from nine of Martinborough's top producers. We will have current releases from Ata Rangi, Dry River, Escarpment and Elder Vineyards plus we host winemakers from Martinborough Vineyards, Palliser, Big Sky, Te Karinga and Schubert for a brilliant cross section of established names and up and coming producers.