Schubert Wines  - Red

For all red wines we carry out what we call a "Pinot Noir winemaking". This means after a second selection of the grapes in the winery the grapes are de-stemmed (if not partially used as whole bunches in the ferment). There is no crushing of the grapes so the berries stay intact. Also there is no pumping to avoid any extraction of bitterness out of the pips. With a crane the berries are lifted into the fermentation tanks where initially a cold maceration will take place. Fermentation follows and the wine is in contact with the skins between 4 to 6 weeks. While fermenting we only use very gentle “pigeage” to mix the fermenting skins with the juice. After fermentation and maceration the content of the tank with young wine and the berry skins is then gently transferred to the wine-press without any pumps but by hand and stainless steel buckets. Only a very light pressing is applied to the skins and the young wine is transferred straight away to French oak barriques where it matures, depending on the grape variety, for 16-48 months before bottling.

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small-Sauvignon-Blanc Grape


small-Pinot-Noir Grape


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