Schubert Wines - White

All grapes are selected for a second time in the winery to sort out any bunches not up to quality standards. The grapes then are lifted as whole bunches into the press to allow a gentler pressing and to avoid as much solids as possible. Sauvignon Blanc is the only white variety which is also partly de-stemmed and macerates for some time on the skin before being pressed. The very gentle pressing process takes up to eight hours per load. Then the must is clarified by settling for 24 to 48 hours. Depending on the variety selected or natural yeast are used for a rather slow fermentation which is temperature controlled. After fermentation all white wines mature on the full lees for several months. Depending on the vintage they will be racked and thereafter continue maturing on the fine lees. For racking we avoid pumping as much as possible and therefore use air-pressure to "move" the wine into another bin. The same applies for filtration and bottling of the whites, which generally takes place about 10-12 months after harvest.

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small-Pinot-Noir Grape


small-Pinot-Noir Grape


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