Schubert Wines  - The Winery

The quality of a wine is determined by the quality of the grapes; therefore wines of high quality are essentially made in the vineyard. Consequently the emphasis in our winemaking is on keeping the quality that comes with the grapes from the vineyards. This means gentle processing in all vinification processes and starts with the way of picking the grapes. All fruit is carefully selected, picked by hand and collected in small, perforated baskets. We only place 2 layers of grapes in a basket and thus any squeezing and damaging of the grapes is avoided. In these baskets the grapes are transported to our winery.

The winemaking regime, for our red wine, white wine and rosé wine follow traditional European techniques. 

Pinot Noir Grape


Sauvignon-Blanc Grape


Pinot Noir Grape